3 Activities To Try This Weekend

So we’re about two weeks post-Thanksgiving & Black Friday madness, and less than two weeks away from Christmas. I’d say it’s the perfect time to get this weekend started.

I don’t really participate in New Year’s resolutions only because I know me better than anyone else. I’m a procrastinator. Essentially it could be July before I begin living out my resolutions. So I’m not even going to begin thinking about the new year and all the things about myself I need to change – even if it is a lot.

But, I’ve recently decided that I’m going to get serious about some things right now – budgeting being one of them. My fiance and I are currently trying to get out of debt. We’ve been slow to start because we’re also learning how to be a team, but I think we’re in a good place!

One website I’ve been loving is Frugal Fanatic. She’s all the things I’m not but wish I were (like disciplined and organized). And she has a ton of printables for getting started. I’ve already got the budget going through February – now the trick is seeing if I can stick with it.

Again, I recently set another goal for myself to read one book a week. I know, how the hell did I think I could read one book a week with a one month old and still work and keep the house up (which is questionable anyway). Nonetheless, I’m on week 3 and about half-way done with The Red Tent.

I’m not going to complain about the cold because, quite frankly, I am enjoying it and I try to enjoy the here-and-now. But I am going to enjoy my hidden oasis with some hot tea (and probably a heater pointed at my feet).

Happy weekending!