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Mindful Breathing – How to Practice it & Its Benefits

Mindful breathing, or mindfulness of breathing, means using the breath as an object of concentration. One needs to focus solely on breathing to become aware of the mind’s tendency to bounce from one thought to another. Breathing and mindfulness go hand in hand, and when you practice mindfulness along with the breath, a dull, boring day can become an exciting day. Practicing this is like filling your gas tank. By …


Laughing at Yourself – The Self-Care That Comes From Within

Laughter is the best medicine – so they say. It cures lulls in our moods, brings us together with others through funny stories, jokes or awkward moments. It even introduces us to strangers. Ever hear a stranger laugh without knowing why and begin cackling out of sheer delight from the contagiousness of it all? I absolutely love these moments! But how much do you think about laughing at yourself? Laughing …


3 Reasons It’s OK To Be Lazy

I cook almost every single day and night. I try so hard to keep my house clean. Sometimes it feels like it’s a losing battle because I’m an ADD cleaner. What I mean by this is, I’ll start a task, get distracted, begin another one, and before I know it, I’ll have ten half-finished tasks I need to complete! I even like to get crafty right in the middle of …