I cook almost every single day and night. I try so hard to keep my house clean. It’s a losing battle because I’m an ADD cleaner and housewife. I even like to get crafty right in the middle of a chore. I really can’t help it.

The saddest part about trying to be a homemaker is the pressure that I need to somehow become superhuman in order to make sure everyone and everything is taken care of. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve felt as if I can’t take a night or day (or both – or more) off from my housewifely duties. I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, I told myself I had to avoid rest in order to be the beloved housewife I want to be.

It’s just not true.

We may have liberties our foremothers never could’ve imagined, but we still have a ton of pressure on us daily. Waking up with the baby, cooking, cleaning, calling the pediatrician, the babysitter, the school, making sure backpacks are all packed correctly, lunches are made, laundry, remembering where everything in the house is when no one else can, Pinterest boards, crafts, gifts, baby showers, wedding showers, calling our family and checking up, work etc. etc.

Sometimes we’re so wrapped up in what everyone else needs, that we forget what we need. I’m always so distracted with tasks that I even forget basic survival necessities like eating. And washing my hair? I’m good if I get to even do that twice a week.

I need to be able to turn my brain off and I need to be able to be a total slug every once and a while.

Make No Apologies

Of course, you need to be disciplined in all your day-to-day activities. Just because it’s OK to be lazy sometimes doesn’t mean it needs to be a regular occurrence. Look at being lazy as a treat you get every once and a while.

Designate time to be lazy

Make sure on the special days you squeeze in being lazy & unproductive that you can feel joy & happiness about it. We’ve all pretty much accepted that being unproductive and lazy are usually symptoms of being down or depressed. But by all means, clock out from your normal duties and feel the warmth of your accomplishments while you rest your mind and spirit.

Let go of the fear that something isn’t getting done

Are you wanting to decompress but you’re too afraid that something isn’t getting done? Listen, you already know to designate special days to be lazy. The key is to get everything done before these days so that you can enjoy your designated time. Is everyone fed? Did you remember to eat? Are the dogs inside and fed? As long as everyone is taken care of and happy, don’t let your mind wander to the laundry, to work, or any other unfinished chore. Let it go!

Allow yourself to conserve energy – your ancestors did!

It’s flu and RSV season for cryin’ out loud. The last thing you need to do is to push yourself so your immune system can’t fight off viruses and bacteria that could really put you out for a while.

As evolution has had it, our ancestors learned very quickly that expending energy needlessly put them in very vulnerable situations. Especially when food was scarce or when shelter needed to be found. You can read more about that here.

Conserving energy (or being lazy) isn’t something we need to feel guilty about as long as we do it sparingly. And as long as we can learn to enjoy the lazy days, days like these are something to be coveted.

Some fun things to accessorize your lazy days: