Recharging After Extroverted Activities: Self-Care for Introverts

  • When you’re an introvert, every extroverted thing you do drains your battery a little bit. At the end of the day, it’s important that you recharge that battery. When you don’t, it can lead to issues involving your mental and physical health. The best way to recharge your battery as an introvert is by practicing self-care. There are many ways to practice self-care, but the ones The Homefaker’s Homestead gathered here are the best for introverts.

The Best Self-Care Practices for Introverts

Introverts need time to themselves. As such, the way that they practice self-care will differ from that of an extrovert. Check out the best self-care for introverts below.

Eat Healthy Foods

A lot of the time, eating healthy is equivalent to cooking for yourself. As an introvert, practicing culinary skills and eating a nice meal can provide some of the best self-care. You can think of it as taking yourself on a date. When you purchase nice ingredients and then put care into cooking them for yourself, you can enjoy eating a meal on your own that much more.


Meditating is one of the best self-care practices for any introvert. The art of meditation is the act of clearing one’s mind. When you’re introverted, you can become bogged down by the interactions you have with others throughout the day. Meditation can help you clear your mind of these interactions and their effects of them, helping your overall mood and mental health.

Practice Saying “No”

As an introvert, you may feel pressured to conform to the needs of your peers and family. This may mean spending more time with others than you do yourself. If this starts to become a problem, the best self-care you can provide is by telling others “no.” Telling your friends no when they ask you to spend time with them is setting a boundary. This is essential in preserving your energy, as well as feeling good about yourself.


When it comes to spending time on your own, reading is perhaps the perfect activity. Curling up with a good book is a great way to escape the world we’re living in – a world that can become overwhelming from time to time. Reading can transport you away from these worries and give you the recharge you need.

Take a Break from Social Media

Believe it or not, social media can be just as exhausting as socializing in person. If you’re an introvert, the temptation of social media may be preventing you from recharging your battery. Take a break from social media by deactivating your accounts or deleting your apps.

Introversion Shouldn’t Stand in Your Way

While being an introvert may prevent you from socializing from time to time, it shouldn’t stand in the way of pursuing your dreams. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to. Many introverts have come to enjoy the ability to earn their degrees, thanks to online universities. Online universities let you take courses from the comfort of your own home, meaning that you don’t have to drain your battery to get your degree.

Programs like graphic design are available entirely online. If creating graphic art at your own pace seems up your alley, consider an online degree. Just make sure the college you’re considering is accredited, and that they have competitive tuition rates.

Image via Pexels