My Favorite 7 Scandi-Inspired Looks for 2021

I’m not one to keep up with trends. Usually I’m about a decade or so late on the trend train, because they just. keep. coming. Trends come and go too fast for me to hold on to. Take, for instance, the dance trends that have overcome our social media culture in the last decade. I remember in the early 2000’s when it was acceptable (and dare I even say “cool”) to just dance however you wanted to, to your own beat. This younger generation is just too cool for me.

Nonetheless, there is one type of trend I’m totally in love with, and that’s Scandinavian-styled anything. 

Scandinavian trends and looks represent all I aspire to achieve in taste:

  • Simplicity
  • Functionality
  • Minimalism
  • Beauty

Of these qualities of Scandinavian-inspired looks, minimalism is one I’m least attracted to, although I want more of it incorporated into my daily life. While I like minimalism, I don’t appreciate it enough to seriously incorporate it just yet. It’s a bit difficult as a homesteader to just throw things away because of my frugal and conservative nature. Typically, we homesteaders try to conserve what we have to use it in the future, and throwing things out would be counterproductive. That said, I am still very inspired by the style altogether.

While there are some staunch fans of the style that ensure every detail represents the trend most accurately, I’m more of a “Scandi-inspired” fan. I like to pick and choose the particulars that incorporate better into my existing, day-to-day life. Functionality of style is, actually, of utmost importance to me. I want to encourage you to start where you can, pick out your favorite aspects of the style, and get going!

What Constitutes A Scandinavian Style?

To put it simply, Scandi style is basically a natural, muted, minimalist space with plush, textured fabrics and brass, copper, steel, wood, or glass accents and wood or natural furniture.

You’ll wanted to focus on:

  • Muted and neutral colors
  • Brass, copper, or steel accents
  • Wooden or natural furniture
  • Downplayed designs that aren’t the main focus, but are still functional
  • Airy spaces
  • Muted, dark hues
  • Textured fabrics
  • Lush greenery and plants as accents 1

1  “What is Scandinavian Style: A Guide to Nordic Design Principles.” Standard Blog. Gessato. Accessed February 2021.

First Thing

One of the best parts of incorporating a Scandi-inspired look is the planning process when you can consider the endless possibilities! For instance, when you are contemplating where to start and what aspects of the style you integrate first, you may want to begin decluttering. Decluttering is important because it does assimilate the minimalist mindset that less is more. It also allows for a simpler canvas to work with once you begin including Scandi styles.


As you declutter, remember to keep the things that are beautiful and functional. While Scandinavians are known for their simple styles, they’re also known for maintaining items that are also functional. Take this set from IKEA.

It’s simple, minimalist, beautiful, and, above all, functional. 

Scandi-Inspired Styles that I Love

1.) Dark Hues

For beautiful color, choose a dark coastal blue as a muted undertone. Depending on how bold you want to go, consider using a coastal blue as an accent wall color.

Or even consider using this as a large furniture piece accent.

2.) Brass & Copper Accents

3.) Glass & Wood Accents

4.) Minimal Yet Functional

5.) Neutral Tones

6.) Lush Green Plants

7.) Plush Textures