Your Baby’s First Word Will Be…

More than likely your baby’s first word will be shockingly sudden and unexpected. At least in my experience that’s usually how it goes. You’ll spend months and months working on marathon training, trying to get “Mama” to stick…

…and then “DADA!”

We honestly weren’t trying too hard to have our daughter’s first word to be one thing or another. However, it was probably still an unspoken competition between my husband and myself to get our daughter to say one of our name’s first. Why? Because it’s fun?

I can’t quite remember where we got this book, but wherever it was I consider to be a divine appointment. Turns out, it’s my daughter most favorite book ever. And not just that, because of how simple and repetitive it is, and how fun and interactive, it has cultivated a pure joy for reading!

Yes, that is an old Childcraft series on the shelf – we’re big fans!

For a solid four months now, we’ve been reading Your Baby’s First Word Will be Dada every single night. Our daughter is able to anticipate each page before we read the words out loud!

We love how excited she gets to read. It never gets old to us. One of the best parts of having been so routine with our reading to her these past months is that she now goes to her bookshelf and pulls down her own books and flips through the pages, babbling things to herself and pointing to things in the pictures.

Her favorite page ?

So, her first word may have actually been “Dada,” sure, and I’d like to give this book credit, who knows? But one thing is for sure, my daughter is now a total book lover and can be heard throughout grocery stores and parks yelling “WOOF WOOF.”