The Great French Provincial Headboard

Aside from the fact that I’m addicted to projects, no matter how many I have going or are currently in the pipeline, I decided to add just one more project today. This project, though…this project I truly believe in! I know I say that to most of the projects I do, but this time I mean it. I believe this piece will come out looking simply marvelous!

We didn’t have a headboard in our room until today. Well, actually we did but I sold it last year because it was a little too bulky. It wasn’t until I was endlessly scrolling through Marketplace that I happed upon this beautiful chunk of wood, and it was listed for a whopping $7.

Oh yeah, $7.

I immediately messaged the owner and set up a time and a place to meet. My basic ass was so excited for my new “mid century modern” piece to add to my non-existent collection. What 30-something homestead, homemaking wannabe doesn’t have mid century modern pieces in her home to prove how cool she is? Finally, this was a starting place and an inspirational piece that would catapult a full redesign of our abode. I couldn’t believe it, but it was soon mine, all mine!

So I drove to the owner’s shop, a well-known antique store in our little town, to pick up my new treasure. I didn’t let the fact that the owner had the store associate ring me up on the cash register for an item I was paying for on Marketplace deter me from feeling awesome about my purchase. The total came out to be $7.49, which was the listed price plus tax. So I paid and left (although, because I’m cheap, that $0.49 is going to linger in the back of my mind for a few more days).

It wasn’t until I got home and began researching the style of furniture that I found out it is, in fact, a piece from the 70’s, French Provincial style. I even looked up similar pieces on Etsy and they can go for way more than I expected! Of course, I also went down a rabbit hole of cane mesh furniture, which is now my new favorite style, and I won’t be surprised in the least if I begin adding more and more pieces in the very near future.

The sad thing is, both of the outside sections of the cane mesh have holes, so I will need to replace those – thank God for YouTube tutorial videos, amirite? It looks like it’ll be a fairly easy fix as long as I don’t stray from the tutorials. A few pieces of cane mesh replacements and we’re on our way to a new headboard!

The only thing now is, should I leave the color as it is with the flyspeck details to maintain the integrity of the original piece?

Should I paint it like these?

Photo Courtesy of Prodigal Pieces
Photo Courtesy of

Or should I upholster it like these beautiful pieces?

Photo Courtesy of Segreto Finishes.
Image Courtesy of Bob Vila

Let me know what you would do with it!

I can’t wait to start my new project!

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