My Favorite Hygge Gardens

There’s just something about a beautiful, cozy garden that looks a bit wild and free that makes me feel so at home and humbled. While I can appreciate a manicured appearance, and certainly understand the purpose in maintaining such a clean-cut garden, it doesn’t quite spark the same kind of joy as the wilder one. Whenever I see a garden with a few overgrown vines here and there, and rows of veggies and herbs growing more like a forest than in a straight line, I’m happy.

I know we’ve mentioned hygge before, but that’s just because it’s such a strong part of my every day life! As a matter of fact, I’m currently building the biggest garden I’ve built to-date (which still isn’t that big), and in doing so, I’m keeping hygge in nearly every aspect of it. There’s not a single daydream I’ve had about this garden where hygge wasn’t there.

So, until I’ve got the pictures to express exactly how hygge I’m intending it to be, here are my biggest inspirations.

Enchantment at Bealtaine Cottage

Colette O’Neill, environmentalist and author, converted an average cottage into one of the most enchanting permaculture transformations I’ve seen!

The Magical Garden Landscapes of Jinny Blom

Can we talk about that beautiful Rosa Veilchenblau?

Visual Appeal to Smaller Spaces

A Picture-Perfect Scene

Enchantment for the Little Gardeners

Chanticleer in Pennsylvania

The French Countryside