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3 Ways You Can Beat Postpartum Body Blues

I first noticed this paradox in our society as I journeyed from pregnancy to postpartum – on the one side we’re accepting of our bodies, but on the other, we’re hiding our real selves more and more. Because of this paradox, we’re not truly prepared for how to handle our postpartum bodies. Here are three tips on how you can work through the postpartum body blues. I remember the nights …

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Why We’re Choosing A Minimalist-Style Christmas

Christmas means many things to many different people. Some look forward to family, some look forward to parties, some look forward to gifts, and some (I’m sure) just look forward to the alcohol (cuz why not?). Growing up, I believed Christmas was about starting the new year humbled and appreciating family. Except that every year left me unsatisfied. Not this year, though. We’re starting our own family traditions and we’re …


3 Reasons It’s OK To Be Lazy

I cook almost every single day and night. I try so hard to keep my house clean. Sometimes it feels like it’s a losing battle because I’m an ADD cleaner. What I mean by this is, I’ll start a task, get distracted, begin another one, and before I know it, I’ll have ten half-finished tasks I need to complete! I even like to get crafty right in the middle of …


Mississippi Pot Roast

Mississippi Pot Roast made its way into the lime light a few years ago, and has since been the best pot roast this side of the Mississippi. This dish combines the ease of using a slow cooker, with the bright flavor profile that the pepperoncini brings. With only eight ingredients, it’s quick to prepare, and dinner practically cooks itself.