10 Amazing Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Surprise! We’re Pregnant!

Description: You just found out you’re pregnant and wish to make a splash with the announcement. But, you can’t figure out what to do that will be memorable and fun. We know what a special time this is and have put together a few ideas that will punctuate your news.

There are three of us now.

These days, pregnancy comes with a lot of fan fairs. In the past, it was a small but exciting event for the new future parents, usually shared with family, then with friends, and occasionally the random stranger. Now, clever ways to announce pregnancy and gender reveal parties are all the rage, primarily due to their attention on social media.

From this new method of sharing the joy have come a lot of innovative and interesting ideas for letting as many people know in a big and extravagant way, but some couples still like to do low key things. From telling the grandparents-to-be to informing the father of the child, having a little fun with the surprise has become an industry unto itself.

Surprise, we’re pregnant!

Before the baby bump starts to show and you begin shopping for a baby memory book on top-mom.com, one giant step must be taken, and that is informing the father to be. Picking when to announce a pregnancy, in this case, is better sooner rather than later. So, now is the time to get creative, and we have some ideas you’ll love that are a little outside the box:

1.    Reveal it Under Dinner

You might think that was supposed to say “over dinner,” but no, it isn’t a typo. By under dinner, we mean written on custom plates that say “We’re Pregnant!” or something of that wordplay. Ideas to announce pregnancy work best on a full stomach. He will finish his meal, and if it is his favorite dish, it helps, and see the big news on the bottom of the cleaned plate.

2.    Let the Fortune Cookie Speak

If you love Chinese food, you know a staple item that always accompanies dinner, and that is the fortune cookie. Now, you can buy empty fortune cookies and put your note inside. After dinner, switch his out for the one with your message inside and watch his eyes light up with shock and confusion. Then comes the waterworks.

3.    Give it Away on Adorable Keepsakes

Most of us have seen an ultrasound photo, but have you ever considered framing it? Now is as good a time as any. Find the perfect frame, decorate it with something creative surrounding your pregnancy, and wrap it up. Most people love gifts, and you are about to give him the greatest gift of all. It’s a really cute way to announce pregnancy.

Surprise for the family.

4.    Put it on a Tasty Message

Most food can be shaped into words, but for something a little different, it is time to get out your crafty mind and make some magic happen. Spelling out a note about being pregnant on candy is a delicious and heartfelt way to spread the love. Carefully unwrap a candy box, write in frosting your note, then reseal it with a heat gun. He’ll never see it coming.

5.    Get Fido Involved

The dog is man’s best friend, but woman’s best messenger. Use this to your advantage. Attach something to the dog that he will see, either when he walks into the door or takes the dog for a walk. It doesn’t matter when, as long as you are there to see him freeze in his tracks and prepare to get a big hug and a kiss. And using pets is always a cool way to announce pregnancy.

6.    Wear It with Pride

Custom clothing is a terrific idea to not only announce your impending birth but also show how proud you are to be a new parent. And getting custom clothing is very easy, often inexpensive, and a neat idea if you are going for subtlety. Make some shirts that say ‘Daddy” and put them in his clean laundry. When he puts his stuff away, show him your custom ‘Mommy’ shirts.

7.    Use a Movie Theme

There are a ton of themes you can use to get your message out there, even if only to the father-to-be. If you have a movie you love, use it as your theme! Harry Potter is a popular choice if for no other reason than the crazy fun font. Let J.K. Rowling help you with your pregnancy reveal, and the mischief is managed.

8.    Geek it Up

If you are a family that appreciates the geekier side of life, there are plenty of ways you can use that. A shadow box with three-game console controllers, two large and one small, and the words “Play three has entered the game,” all punctuated by a pregnancy test showing positive results, is a geek-worthy reveal.

9.    Tiny Feet

Waiting for a miracle.

It’s classic, it’s timeless…. it’s baby shoes. And we all know that baby shoes are only around if there’s a baby on the way. Find a unique way to use baby shoes for all of your family. They are so cute, you can’t ignore them, and compact enough to go anywhere with you for those unexpected photo ops.

10. The Drink of Choice

For this idea, there are a couple of ways to go. A custom coffee mug for the java enthusiast is always a winner and timeless. However, if something in a bottle is more their speed, some labels can be made for beer, wine, and even champagne enthusiasts. This works well also when trying to figure out how to announce pregnancy to coworkers.  


It is time to get very excited, and being enthusiastic and upbeat is so much more fun with other people on the experience. And there are hundreds of ways to announce pregnancy. Find one that fits your relationship perfectly. You know your partner. Make it memorable with something you both love, and that memory will stay with you every time you do that activity or event. And have fun with it. Have you figured out how to announce pregnancy in an exciting way in your life?

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